With the development of a coma, the appearance of shallow breathing, hypotension and bradycardia is characteristic.

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In mild forms of insulin coma, when the patient is conscious, simple actions need to be taken. eat a small amount (about 100 g) of amoxil with a low glycemic index (slow carbohydrates). For example, eat a piece of bread or a bowl of porridge, drink a solution of sugar (one tablespoon per glass of water). To buy amoxil online increase the concentration of glucose in the blood, sweets, honey, sweet jam, lump sugar are suitable. Every 30 minutes you need to control the level of sugar.

In severe cases, the patient must be placed in a hospital. The main therapy is jet or drip intravenous glucose. A 40% solution up to 100 ml is injected intravenously. The procedure is repeated until the moment when consciousness returns to the patient and the normal level of sugar in the blood is restored. If these measures have not brought effect, they put a dropper. In very severe prolonged coma, the complex of treatment methods includes special hormonal therapy. Emergency care for hypoglycemic coma.

Insulin coma is a dangerous condition with consequences and complications in case of untimely and incorrect provision of amoxicillin pills. A dangerous complication is cerebral edema, irreversible destructive processes occur in the central nervous system. If coma occurs frequently, personality changes occur in adults, mental retardation develops in children. At any age, the death of the patient is not excluded. Pathology is a serious danger for the elderly with diagnosed ischemia and diseases of the circulatory system. Serious consequences include diffuse damage to brain cells (encephalopathy), in which the blood supply to these areas is disrupted and neurons experience oxygen starvation and lack of nutrition. The mass death of cells of the nervous tissue entails the degradation of the personality.

The moment of onset of insulin shock is difficult to predict. The life of the patient depends on the timeliness and correctness of the algorithm for providing emergency first aid. Sweet tea, sugar, sweets will help a person regain consciousness. If nothing suitable was at hand, it is necessary to activate the release of amoxicillin (biologically active substances, mediators and hormones, for example, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin) into the blood. Spanking, pinching, and other pain stimuli help to do this if pain sensitivity is not impaired.

Mild forms of insulin shock lead to temporary functional disorders of the nervous system. With timely therapy in a hospital, the glucose level is quickly restored, and the symptoms of hypoglycemia disappear without a trace. The prognosis of the disease in such cases is favorable. Severe forms of amoxicillin, inadequate therapy lead to strokes, cerebral edema, and death.

Hypoglycemic coma occurs when the blood glucose level drops to 2.77 mmol / l and below. Etiology of hypoglycemic coma. Unauthorized overdose of insulin preparations, diet violations, alcohol intake, excessive mental stress, acute infection, starvation, increased carbohydrate metabolism (hard physical work, prolonged fever), liver failure, insulin hypersecretion against the background of a pancreatic tumor, etc.